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About Soulful Iron (Mike Gracia).

I’m an artist blacksmith, currently based in Wales, but with a strong presence in Stroud.

I trained in Blacksmithing at the National Blacksmithing College in Hereford, wayyy back in the late 1990’s.

After a long break from Blacksmithing, I have now returned to the craft.

I’m a member of BABA (the British Artist Blacksmiths Association) and the Heritage Crafts Association.

I call my business ‘Soulful Iron’ as I believe every piece a Blacksmith creates by hand has an element of their soul that they put into their work.

I use traditional blacksmithing techniques to create both works of art and functional products, be that candlesticks or fireside pokers, ornate forged steel bowls or pattern-welded knives (often called Damascus knives).

Check my gallery or visit my small online shop to discover my past & current pieces.

Commission work also undertaken.

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