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Blacksmithing Experience Day Gift Card – Stroud


7 DAY OFFER! – PRE-OREDER a Blacksmithing Experience Day gift voucher now! to be redeemed against an experience day, and save 25%!

NOTE: Use code: GIFT25 at checkout to get 25% off.

There’s be lots of interest in the experience days at the new Stroud workshop/forge. So as a pre-launch celebration, I’m offering experience day gift vouchers for a huge 25% discount.

Why The 25% Off For Pre-sales?

  • For one, the 25% is a thank you to all those that signed up.
  • Also, pre-selling gift vouchers will help me get an idea of true numbers, and so to plan how many days I need to offer etc.

The booking system will be live at the end of next week, but Gift Vouchers are able to be ordered now, and for the next 7 days, there’s 25% off

Early Bird Catches The Forge!

Those with pre-sale gift vouchers will be offered the chance to book an experience day first, then they’ll be on offer to the public around 5 days later. This is a way for me to spread out the bookings.

Vouchers last for a full YEAR.


Currently it has to be 18+, HOWEVER stay tuned… I am talking to my insurance company THIS WEEK about childrens classes. STAY TUNED, updates to follow on this.

What Will The Blacksmithing Experience Day Be Like?

Firstly, it’s a beginners day and will be FUN 🙂

I may run some more advanced experience days and short courses later on, however the first experience days are designed for complete beginners. This is the format we’ll be following:


We’ll start at 10am. This gives time for those travelling from outside Stroud a chance to get there on time.

  • Introduction
  •  Safety
    • General Safety (inc first aid, accident book, fire safety)
    • Machine & Tool Safety (forge, grinder etc)
    • PPE  usage (all PPE is provided)
  • Basic Blacksmithing Techniques
    • Using the gas forge
    • Using hammers, using tongs
    • Drawing-out a taper
    • Rounding
    • Scrolling
    • Twisting


We’ll finish around 5pm, but will extend to 6pm if we need to, to help people finish their work.

In the afternoon, we’ll put your newly acquired skills into practise! The group will vote on what to make first out of the following. Once one of these items has been made, you’ll have chance to move onto the next, then the next… Until it’s time to pack up!

Of course, you’ll take whatever you’ve made home with you.

  • Twisted Hook
  • Poker
  • Pendant
  • Tea Light Holder
  • Keyring

The above were the most popular items from the recent email survey – Thanks to those that filled this in!

How Many Will Be At A Session?

I’ve decided to limit the numbers to a MAXIMUM of 4 people per session, plus me. This means a max class size of 1:4, allowing me to give a very good level of attention to everyone. I feel any more than this would risk lowering the quality of the day.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost is £140 per day, but with 25% off for those ordering a pre-sale gift voucher over the next 7 days. This is to say thanks for those filling in the forms at my stall, and also so I can predict numbers involved.

The £140 covers all costs, including:

  • Use of PPE
  • Gas for the forges
  • Electricity
  • All metal stock for practising and also the final items you make
  • Tea & Coffee

What About Lunch?

I recommend people bring a packed lunch, or there’s a cafe a short 5 minute walk past the forge, at Cherry Tree Farm Campsite.

What About Toilets?

There is a (recently renovated) toilet next to the forge.

What About Parking?

There is parting available at the forge.

NOTE: Use code: GIFT25 at checkout to get 25% off.


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Blacksmithing Experience Day Gift Card – Stroud

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