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Handmade Copper Cuff Bracelet



Shipping Time:

I aim to ship all products as soon as possible, however as I work on my own in the forge, it may be 2 full working days before I can pack & ship your order. If your order is urgent, please email me first: 

Unique Products:

Please note that as all my products are hand forged, there may be slight variations in size, shape, style and colour. You’r buying a truly hand forged item, and as such, this variation is natural.

Handmade copper cuff. This copper cuff has been hand made by a Blacksmith (me – yes, I work with copper as well as steel).

Each piece is unique, so may vary slightly in terms of patterning & shape.

I can make each to fit a specified size, with the standard being (TBCcm)

Note: As this product is made from copper and coated with a natural coating (of lanolin), then the cuff may impart the usual green colour to skin. This washes off and, if desired, I can lacquer the inside of the cuff to prevent this (however technically the copper won’t be contacting your skin – or at least not as much – so you may miss out on the health benefits of copper jewellery, if that is of importance to you.

Weight 100 g


Product Reviews