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Hand Forged Snake Pendant – Viking Style Amulet / Pendant


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I aim to ship all products as soon as possible, however as I work on my own in the forge, it may be 2 full working days before I can pack & ship your order. If your order is urgent, please email me first: 

Unique Products:

Please note that as all my products are hand forged, there may be slight variations in size, shape, style and colour. You’r buying a truly hand forged item, and as such, this variation is natural.

Inspired by Viking Heritage – Embrace the Viking Spirit

This hand-forged Snake Pendant is a symbol of the bold Viking spirit. Inspired by ancient snake pendants from Birka, this piece is a tribute to the rich Viking culture, blending historical significance with modern craftsmanship. Hand forged by UK artist blacksmith, Mike Gracia (Soulful Iron).

Craftsmanship and Quality

Expertly forged from mild steel, this Viking Serpent Pendant/Amulet, is made for durability and lasting beauty. No two pieces are identical, due to being hand forged using very similar techniques that have been used for thousands of years.

Versatile and Stylish

Designed for versatility, wear this stunning pendant with a rugged leather strap or an elegant chain. It includes a leather cord for immediate wear, but you can easily change this for a chain if you wish (but I love leather and steel together, and believe it’s more period-accurate this way, too).

Striking Design for a Bold Statement

The Viking Snake Pendant is not just an accessory but a statement piece. Perfect for Viking enthusiasts, snake admirers, or those seeking a unique, hand made accessory, it’s an ideal choice for making a bold statement.

Craftsmanship by UK Blacksmith

This pendant is a product of Mike Gracia. A UK based Artist Blacksmith, and is far from the mass-produced cheap products available in most high streets. When you choose this pendant, you’re choosing a piece that has been crafted using very similar techniques to that of the vikings.

Unleash Your Inner Viking

Don’t wait to add this Hand-Forged Snake Viking Pendant/Amulet to your collection. Embrace your Viking spirit and make a statement with this unique piece!


NOTE: As these items are hand forged, there will be slight variations in each product.

Weight 100 g


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