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Move To Slad Almost Complete!

The move to the Slad workshop is ALMOST complete. It’s taken a while, with let-downs from the van hire company and other issues… But I’m getting there!   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Soulful Iron (@soulful_iron) I have a few bits of kit still to move, and then it’ll take […]

The Forge Is Moving!

My forge has been in Bassaleg, just on the outskirts of Newport for several months now. However it’s time to move on! I’m moving the forge to Slad, about 3 miles out of Stroud. As well as the forge, I’ll be moving my classic Morris Traveller that I’m restoring, a 1953 Bedford S-Type lorry (to […]

Find Me At Stroud Farmers Market Each Saturday (April)

Whilst I don’t have a guaranteed regular pitch at the market, I’ll be at Stroud Farmer’s Market every Saturday during April, and hopefully longer term too. I’ve requested a stall every Saturday that’s available during this summer, and will keep the blog updated when I find out what stalls I’ll be doing. Here’s a glimpse […]

Unveiling the Mysteries of Viking Jewellery: A Brief Journey Through Time and Artistry

The Mystical Allure of Viking Jewellery Embark on a journey back in time to the era of the Vikings, a period marked by adventure, conquest, and remarkable craftsmanship. Viking jewellery, more than just decorative items, were potent symbols of status, belief, and artistry in Norse culture. These intricate pieces, ranging from arm rings to elaborate […]